• 2013 GSP (Good Service Practice) Certified

• 2012 Hakka Affairs Council “Hakka Speciality Card”- Affiliated Store
• 2011 Taipei International Floral Expo - Affiliated Store

• 2010 Taipei Shopping Festival - The Best Store
• 2009 Next. Taipei - The Best Store
• 2006 Taipei Fashion Store
• 2004 Taiwan Citizen Travel Card - Affiliated Store




Royal Bali Massage Center, founded in 2003, is located in Xiemending, the most teeming area in Taipei, is famed for its exotic Bali massage atmosphere and art decoration. World tourists first choice.



To promote and enhance the benefits of massage and the importance of healthy, our second massage center “ Royal Paris ” was established in 2009, which is nearby Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station. French classic style decoration with romantic atmosphere and art pieces shown in Royal Paris Zhongxiao Massage Center bring full relaxation, satisfaction and a world of tranquility to your body, mind, and spirit. Experience fashion, art, and a gathering of fantastic collection of cultural objects presented in Royal Paris Zhongxiao Massage Center.



In 2014, “ Royal Paris ” founded one more Massage Center in Emei St., which is nearby Ximen MRT Station, where fabulous shops, restaurants and gorgeous hotels are surrounded. Royal Paris Zhonghua Massage Center is famous for its fashion European delicate style, you will definitely enjoy the serene elegance of the facilities. With your senses soothed and your spirit calmed, you will discover the wellness and beauty comes with serenity.




Come and enjoy the luxurious service in our cozy environment. Relief starts right here.

We are committed to provide the professional technique & ultimate service to every single precious client. We care about clients’ needs and endeavor to make them feel at home.
We would love to share this wonderful experience with everyone of you.


In the future, we, the Royal Group, will continue to dedicate ourselves in providing an even richer and holistic comfortable environment, and assist you find a sense of balance and healing tranquility.


The Excellent Service includes
• Safety Certified Facilities
• Public Liability Insurance
• Regular environmental cleaning and hygiene check
• Ultra-high temperature sterilization in towel washing
• Disposable slippers provided
• Annual physical examination required to all the therapists




Premium Foot  /  Body Massage Service


    Discount Price 


Foot Masssage + Foot Spa 5 min

45 min


NT$ 650      

NT$ 600


Shoulder Massage + Foot Masssage + Foot Spa 5 min

65 min
85 min


NT$ 1,000    
NT$ 1,400    

NT$ 900

NT$ 1,199


Foot Masssage + Whole Body Masssage + Foot Spa 5 min

105 min


NT$ 1,650    

NT$ 1,485


Foot Aroma Oil Masssage + Foot Spa 5 min

45 min


NT$ 750     

NT$ 700


Foot Aroma Oil Masssage + Shoulder Massage + Foot Spa 5 min

65 min


NT$ 1,200    

NT$ 1,000


Foot Aroma Oil Masssage + Whole Body Masssage + Foot Spa 5 min

125 min


NT$ 2,200    

NT$ 1,899


Whole Body Masssage

60 min
90 min
120 min


NT$ 1,000     

NT$ 1,500     
NT$ 2,000     

NT$ 950

NT$ 1,400

NT$ 1,850


Whole Body Aroma Oil Masssage

60 min
90 min
120 min


NT$ 1,600     
NT$ 2,200     
NT$ 2,800     

NT$ 1,399

NT$ 1,899

NT$ 2,399


Calluses Treatment + Foot Spa 5 min

per person


NT$ 700      

NT$ 700


Back Whitening And Scrub Treatment   Require Reservation

50 min


NT$ 2,200     

NT$ 2,200


Facial Whitening. Moisturizing And Scrub Treatment    Require Reservation

60 min